El trabajo presenta una evaluación ex ante del Bono Juancito Pinto a partir del uso de técnicas de microsimulación. Específicamente, evalúa el impacto sobre la . gramme, Bono Juancito Pinto (BJP). Exploiting the exogenous variation of the pro- gramme expansion, this paper examines the impact of BJP on schooling and . This paper presents an appraisal Juancito Pinto from the use of micro simulation techniques. Specifically, it assesses the impact on school attendance, poverty.

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Conditional cash transfers for primary education: Which children are left out?

Programas de transferencias monetarias e infancia. El impacto del “Bono Juancito Pinto”, un analisis a partir de micro-simulaciones.

Non-contributory Social Protection Programmes Database. Data on expenditure, coverage and amount of the monetary transfers.


Official website of the programme Description: Conditional cash transfer programme CCT established as an incentive for enrollment, retention and culmination of the school year by children in primary school. The first year the program benefited children between 1st and 5th grade of primary school.

The programme coverage was extended twice; in it was extended to 6th grade and in up to 8th grade of primary school. The programme has been preceded by the “Bono Esperanza”, implemented by the Municipal Government of El Alto, between and Children and adolescents pintoo 21 years old studying the level of vocational community primary education or the level of productive community secondary education, in the fiscal education units of the regular education subsystem agreement.

Additionally, students in special juancio and fiscal centers of the subsystem of alternative and special education agreement. Supreme Decrees,,, y Ministerial Resolutions y, yy Ministry of Education Executing organization s: Ministry of Juajcito Source of funding: General Treasury of the Nation – Internal resources.


Flat transfer Mode of delivery: Cash withdrawal Periodicity of delivery: Annual Recipient of the transfer: Parent or guardian Conditionalities: Effects on poverty and redistribution Author: Revista del Postgrado Multidisciplinario en Ciencias del Desarrollo n.

Programas de transferencias monetarias e infancia Author: Flavia Marco Navarro Date: Official website of pinot programme.