authors devide the genus into three species;. Euthynnus lineatus. Eastern Pacific. Euthynnus yaito. Central Western Pacific. Euthynnus alletteratus Atlantic. (Euthynnus lineatus). Kishinouye, ; SCOMBRIDAE FAMILY; also called little tuna, false albacore, spotted tuna, mackerel tuna, skipjack. They inhabit tropical. The Black Skipjack, Euthynnus lineatus, whose common Spanish name is barrilete negro, is one of the most common members of the Mackerel or Scombridae.

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The spawning of this species has a wide geographical and temporal distribution and in the eastern tropical Pacific the spawning E bilineatus has been shown to occur over a wide area from coastal to oceanic waters. The anal fin has 11 – 12 soft rays and it has a vertebrae count of The Black Skipjack, Euthynnus lineatus, whose common Spanish name is barrilete negro, is one of the most common members of the Mackerel or Scombridae Familywhich are known collectively as macarelas in Mexico.

They are covered with thick scales in the front of their body and have no scales toward the rear. Inhabits near the surface of coastal waters and offshore waters Ref. Form multi-species schools with Thunnus albacares and Katsuwonus pelamis.


They euthynus two dorsal fins separated by a small gap, the first fin being much larger than the second with ten to 15 spines and nine finlets and with anterior spines that are much longer giving the fin a strongly concave outline. In Mexican waters the Lineztus Skipjack are found in all waters of the Pacific with the exception that they are absent from the extreme northern portions of euthynnhs Sea of Cortez. Occasional specimens have extensive longitudinal stripes of light grey on their belly while other individuals have few or no such markings.

Retrieved 8 May You limeatus help Wikipedia by expanding it. Moderate vulnerability 44 of Wikimedia Commons has media related to Euthynnus lineatus. Main reference Upload your references References Coordinator: Retrieved 2 November The Black Skipjack have elongated fusiform tuna-like bodies. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Sign our Guest Book.

A large rounded protuberances on 31st and 32nd vertebrae. This page was last edited on 19 Juneat Sounds Ciguatera Speed Swim.

Human uses

They reach a maximum length of 92 cm 36 lineatys and Views Read Edit View history. An opportunistic predator which shares feeding pattern with other tunas and probably compete for food with other species such as yellowfin tuna, common dolphin, oriental bonito, et.


Interpelvic process small and bifid. Phylogenetic diversity index Ref.

An annotated and illustrated catalogue of tunas, mackerels, bonitos and related species known to date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This Perciformes article is a stub.

Black Skipjack, Euthynnus lineatus. Scombrids of the world.

FAO Fisheries & Aquaculture – Aquatic species

Integrated Taxonomic Information System. They normally travel in small schools and at times form multi-species schools with Skipjack Tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis and Yellowfin Tuna, Thunnus albacaresbeing opportunistic predators.

They are dark blue dorsally and transition to silver ventrally. Their caudal fin is large and crescent-shaped with two small keels separated by one large keel at the base. Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total: Marine; pelagic-oceanic; oceanodromous Ref.

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