celebrates the pleasure of giving and receiving good hugs, as well. Hug. Jez Alborough, Author, Jez Alborough, Illustrator Candlewick Press (MA) $ Hug is the first book in Jez Alborough’s Bobo the Chimp series. Bobo needs a hug but he’s lost and can’t find his mum. Will he ever get the hug he needs?. Hug by Jez Alborough, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Hug by Jez Alborough

The jungle and the alboriugh Bobo encounters are rich and vibrant, and Bobo’s facial expressions tell the story better than words ever could. C Gruver I don’t know what it is about this alborouggh since the only words written in it are “Hug”, “Bobo” and “Mama” but my very verbal and very avid 22 month old reader love this book. I make up the story as I think it plays out by the illustrations and she adores the book.

For balance, I’ve also included the two bad reviews!

– Hug – Readers Say

Now we have a little one of our own, and Hug was the first book I read to him. The illustrations are clear, and engaging – you and your child can’t help but empathize with all of the wonderfully drawn expressions. A Zimmerman “anitazim”, Missouri. This book is just adorable. Sep 01, Zara rated it it was amazing. My wife and I discovered Hug while shopping for a baby gift, and ended up buying a copy ourselves.


This is the sweetest, best book and I just love it. I found this to be a boring and uneventful book My son, who loves books, squirms away when I try to read this book to him.

They keep the reader engaged and compliment the story very well as well as the repetitive nature of the book. And of course we are treated to a touching reunion with Mom. Did he run off? A fun exploration of feelings with few words as the reader journeys through the jungle.

I am glad I listened to the reviews – my daughter loves it. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. While the rest of the animals are flat characters they are still critical for the story line because they help him.

Hug really is a wonderful book for small children, and makes a great gift for expectant parents. The illustrations beautifully portray the expressions on the animals and the single word used in different tones conveys everything she needs to understand this story.

It is so sweet, perfect for babies, but is precious for those of us who are still children at heart, remembering the importance of our mother’s love since babyhood. Give it to all expectant and new mothers you know!

Walker Books Australia and New Zealand

This simple one-word picture book invites preschoolers to read ALONE and takes them on a baby monkey’s adventure to find his alboruogh mother’s ‘hug. Of TALL, he says, “Bobo experiences feeling small as well as feeling tall, but in the end he learns that whatever size you are is the size you’re meant to be.


The book is from early years to key stage one but as mentioned earlier it definitely is a book for je to read at least once in his or her lifetime. I would strongly recommend this book to every new parent!

Albofough ability to express affection overshadows our cognitive list of differences. Nov 20, Dana rated it liked it. L Soria “Cal Gal”, California. My now 2 year old niece has had to have this book read to her every since she was about 11 months old.

By the time a preschooler can read this book, he or she will have outgrown it. I began my albprough years storytime this year with this book towards the end of the storytime. Books by Jez Alborough. Hug is one of my all time favorite children’s book.

The Best Books of I purchased as a gift for a baby alborouth for my daughter who is expecting her first child. This book is utterly adorable.