Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more!. Mar 10, When I first heard about Magic of Incarnum, I thought to myself, “Oh no, Wizards is coming out with some stupid splatbook no one is ever going. Sep 7, A whole new system awaits you in the Magic of Incarnum D&D supplement. With this book, player characters can meld incarnum — the power of.

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So I just got it at a used book store. I like all the flavor, and the Incarnate and Magjc seem pretty good. The Soulborn seemed a little lackluster, however. The PrC’s, monsters, and other stuff I haven’t really looked at. Anything that I should stay away from at all times? Originally Posted by Dragonprime. Wouldn’t a bulb only be sharp if someone broke it? Well played Ranger Mattos. Your metaphor-crafting is masterful indeed.

Totemist is amazing as a natural weapon ginsu class. It can do ranged well with a Manticore Belt if you’re determined to. Incarnate can function as a melee, ranged, or skill-monkey, as you desire.

Soulborn is not generally worth it. Maggic don’t find the mechanics intuitive; read it through at least twice. I hear it’s great, but for the life of me I cannot understand it. One great thing about it, though, is that the Magic Item Compendium has lots of items that support it.

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Last edited by AslanCross; at Sakuya Izayoi avatar by Mr. Caella sig by Neoseph. Eh, Magic of Blueness is a pretty decent sourcebook as far as 3. Although it really wasn’t supposed to be much more than WotC testing out new resourcemanagement schemes in preparation for releasing 4E, they still managed to put out a moderately above average product. There are probably two main flaws in it, though: While this tends to make the people who take the time to learn them very protective and such about them, it also means that it’s kind of unlikely for a random player to come into a session and ask the DM to make an Incarnum character out of the blue no pun intended.

This might not seem like a big issue, but it really incarnjm be for some people. That being said, the essentia manipulation mechanics can be legitimately fun to play around with, and they give an undeniable sense of power over what your character can do that few others classes can match. Inccarnum ran one campaign lasting levels where one player played as a chaotic incarnate. She was mostly a melee-type, and she managed to hold her own pretty well with the other melee-er of the party a warblade.


The incarnate’s player was more skilled with the rules and with tactics than the warblade’s was, though. The incarnate and totemist are both pretty well balanced in comparison to characters like warblades, non-hurler rogues, warlocks, etc.

The incarnate does magi from the character that most of their soulmeld’s highlevel effects aren’t really all that exciting. Just to increase the options available, though, I would recommend possibly relaxing alignment restrictions and increasing the number of Essentia available to some extent. Because of the style of my main gaming group, I’ve never been too close to it. I really, really love the flavor, but being able to shape melds only once a day has always seemed stupid to me It leaves a meldshaper locked into a particular role for the day, and when your “days” invariably consist of healthy spatterings of combat and skill challenges, lots of the more niche soulmelds are just left unshaped because they’re taking up space of melds that are useful in nearly any situation.

That said, I love incarnum for mabic application in other classes. Originally Posted by AslanCross.

Originally Posted by Claudius Maximus. Originally Posted by subject This board needs a “you’re technically right but I still want to crawl into the fetal position incadnum cry” emoticon.

Originally Posted by Yukitsu. I define [optimization] as “the process by which one attains a build meeting all mechanical and characterization goals set out by the creator prior to its creation. It’s very dense imo about first figuring out how things work. As well, since it is so different from anything that came before a lot of people don’t understand it.

Magic of Incarnum

Originally Posted by Echoes. Originally Posted by Telok. Imagine if the combat system was as well thought out and explained as the skill system.

You could cut it down to a page and a half, monsters would be about three sentences long. Best of all you don’t have to remember any tables for conditions or detail the special abilities because you’ve got rulings instead of rules.

Originally Posted by Artanis. I’m going to be honest, “the Welsh became a Great Power and conquered Germany” is almost exactly the opposite of the explanation I was expecting. Originally Posted by Greenish. It’s not that complicated: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Originally Posted by Flickerdart. The nice thing about them is that they give a few different benefits, not just one.

Originally Posted by The Doctor. People assume that time is a strict progression of cause-to-effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly Totemist is still a natural attack terror in either situation though.

And the incarnum-to-other-stuff feats are a great addition, though a bit limiting since most characters have a small essentia pool. Except the Soulborn, but there are like over fixes for that.

Though it does do more than one thing, there is no reason I would ever bind the Riding Bracers to the totem or even the arms, when that slot can be filled with things like the Girallon Arms.


Opinions on Magic of Incarnum?

The name “Incarnate” does have a certain style to it. So if someone was asked what they are, their answer sounds like a boast, or a pre-buttkicking one-liner: Last edited by hamishspence; at Tastes great with psionics, so it gets my vote.

I like the flavor too. The Giant gave it a shout-out too, so how can I dislike? Also, what hamish said. Last edited by Psyren; at Originally Posted by The Giant. But really, the important lesson here is this: Rather than making assumptions that don’t fit with the text and then complaining about the text being wrong, why not just choose different assumptions that DO fit with the text?

Originally Posted by gogogome. Totaly rocks when mixed with other stuff. I’m not a big fan of Incarnum dislike the fluff, find it a bit too convoluted to be fun building characters withbut more power to you if you are. As for potentially broken things: Midnight Metamagic is abusable.

In particular, there’s a trick where you use Psycarnum Infusion to treat MM as if it has max essentia invested in it. That’s arguable not even terribly overpowered, since it requires a very heavy feat investment and takes up your move action, but still. Totemists, combined with other things that are great with natural attacks, can be ridiculous. Levels in Soul Eater or Warshaper, races like Anthropomorphic Giant Squid or other things that get silly amounts of natural attacks already, and Rapidstrike can lead to very powerful results.

Originally Posted by Thespianus. I fail to see how “No, that guy is too fat to be hurt by your fire” would make sense. My favorite part about Magic of Incarnum is that it’s helpful for everyone. Monk wants pounce on his natural attacks? Rogue is afraid about being dominated or Magic Jar’d? One feat to prevent that. Barbarian wants a little extra leeway before death?

One feat makes you stable and active up to And that’s just taking Shape Soulmeld and Open Chakra, the other feats are sometimes exactly what you’d like for a little extra focus on something. Originally Posted by Glimbur. Originally Posted by Psyren. Somebody that pisses off a Warlock is going incafnum go down fast. But with a Warlock, death will be a mercy because the Warlock is a secondary controller, and en route to killing you he’ll first cripple you, then blind you, then set you on fire, then steal your girlfriend.

Originally Posted by Blackfang