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Some studies opted for active ROMs, as they claim that these better represent function and are more reliable than passive movements; passive measurements are less reliable than active goinometria, due to the variation of force applied by the therapist. A reliability study of the universal goniometer, fluid goniometer, and electrogoniometer for the measurement of ankle dorsiflexion.

Angle of flexion of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the second finger using ALCimagem 2. Table 4 ICC goniometra standard deviation values for the intraexaminer angular measurements obtained for each group 1. The program allows users to quantify angles using the captured image. Medida do movimento articular: Unravelling the complexity of muscle impairment in chronic neck pain.

Analysis of the reliability and reproducibility of goniometry compared to hand photogrammetry

These references were also used by Iunes in in his study that analyzed inter and intraexaminer reliability in postural evaluation using computed photogrammetry. There was excellent inter and intraexaminer reliability. Se the measurements using method 3, i.

Limitation of motion can arise from deficient excursion of the musculotendinous unit or be due to capsuloligamentous limitation of the joint itself. Interexaminer reliability and concurrent validity of two instruments for the measurement of cervical ranges of motion.

The volunteers who met the criteria necessary to constitute the sample group of this study were invited to take part in the survey on an absolutely voluntary basis. The participants were duly briefed on the study goals and signed the informed consent form expressing their agreement to take part in the survey, and received explanations about the procedures that would be required during the study.

Services on Demand Journal. Furthermore, during the evaluation with the ALCimagem software, the volunteers did not have access to the result to enable us to also conduct an evaluation comparing the two photogrammetry methods.


Wax hand in the position in which the photographic record was taken. The second measurement was flexion of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the second finger, where the steps for alignment of the goniometer are: Two commonly cited sources for evaluating ROM values include the manual of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the guide to goniometry of Norkin and White, 2 dated This indicates that, proportionally, the measurements vary in a similar manner, are related to one another and are reliable at the same time, thus generating reproducible data.

Manual de Goniometria

ICC values for the interexaminer angular measurements obtained for each angle: Using a standardized evaluation protocol, they concluded that the introduction of the standardized protocol positively influenced the accuracy of the results of the group of surgeons, and stressed the need to use standardization of the goniometry protocol in the evaluation of the ROM to improve the clinicians’ accuracy with the tool and, therefore, to maintain the reliability of its results.

Management of Temporomandibular disorders.

Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry and 3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 1 palmar abduction of the thumb for group 1 scholars. Results of the intraexaminer reliability analysis – specific data. Asymmetry of gait initiation in patients with unilateral knee arthritis. Results of the intraexaminer reliability analysis for each angle.

However, due to the lack of similar references, detailed studies are needed to define the normal parameters between goniomstria methods in the joints of the hand. In analyzing and comparing the methods in relation to each angle gonimoetria to each group, it was observed that depending on the angle there are different values between the methods.

Reliability and concurrent validity of two instruments for measuring cervical range of motion: Meta-analysis of normative cervical motion. Results of the comparison between the groups for each angle and for each method.

Due to the pioneer nature of the application of the instruments studied adapted goniometer and two items of photogrammetry software in a plaster-strengthened wax hand mold, some stages of the evaluation had to be adapted by the examiners according to the best method found in relation to the positioning of the hand for specific evaluation by each one.

The results revealed that the groups and the methods proposed presented inter-examiner reliability, generally rated as excellent ICC 0. Table 19 Comparison between the groups 1 scholars2 physiotherapists and 3 hand therapists in angle 2 flexion of the proximal interphalangeal of the second finger for method 1 goniometry.

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Each examiner was positioned seated in a chair, and manipulated the hand mold to become familiar with it.

Manual de Goniometria by Amélia Pasqual Marques on Apple Books

Angle 3 Method 2 Group 1 Mean ICC values for the interexaminer angular measurements obtained in the three groups 1 scholars2 physiotherapists3 hand therapists. The examiners could do and undo the measurements as many times as they wanted, and only inform them when they believed they were certain of the angle measured. Results of the comparison between the methods for each angle – general data.

The rooms contained natural, as well as artificial lighting, and were reserved to ensure the privacy of the examiners. Interrater reliability of the history and physical examination in patients goniometriaa mechanical neck pain. The range of motion evaluation is necessary for the definition both goniometdia the propedeutics and of the prognosis in the goniomettria submitted to hand rehabilitation. Table 13 Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 3 flexion of the metacarpophalangeal of the fifth finger for group 1 scholars.

After comparison between the groups in relation to each angle and to each method, the results revealed that in the angles of flexion of the PIP of the 2 nd finger and flexion of the MCP of the 5 th finger for all the methods, there were no significant differences between the groups. To guarantee the reliability of the angular measurements in the three methods, all the examiners had the same procedure. Angle 1 Group 3 Method 1 Mean The Analysis of Variance ANOVA Method for Repeated Measurements was used both in the comparison between the groups for each angle and for each method, and in the comparison between the methods for each angle, in general and for each group.